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US Marines They Kept the Sea Lanes Open Ready Join US Marines US Marines Teufel Hunden Devil Dog
Gee!! I wish I were a Man-I’d Join Navy WAAC Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps Enlist in the WAVES Navy Women For Victory Buy More Bonds 4th Liberty
Eat More Eat Less WW1 All Together! Enlist in the Navy Who Said ‘Can’t’? Try Training Buy War Bonds with Uncle Sam
Forward! Enlist Now YMCA United War Work Campaign Daddy, What did you do in the Great War? American Red Cross Our Boys Need Sox
The Spirit of Woman Power Smash Tokyo Uncle Sam is Watching You The American Way
Army Air Service American Eagle Clear The Way!! Foods from Corn US Engineer Corps WW1
Uncle Sam Says - Garden Cut Food Costs Grow it Yourself WW1 Gardening Knights of Columbus WW1 Liberty Sowing Seeds of Victory
Join! Red Cross Serves Humanity Veterinary Corps US Army WW1 Guard Our Shores US Army Coast Artillery US Navy Help Your Country
Food Will Win the War, Yiddish Version Verdun Railroad I Want You for the Navy Leslie’s Magazine (March 8, 1919)
Vanity Fair (July 4, 1933) Judge Magazine (June 8, 1918) Leslie’s Magazine (February 15, 1917) Collier's Magazine (March 11, 1933)
Leslie’s Magazine (May 24, 1917) Over There music sheet Collier’s Magazine (November 16, 1912) Collier’s Magazine (February 20, 1904)
Collier’s Magazine (July 7, 1906) Life Magazine (June 16, 1910) Collier’s Magazine (July 7, 1917) Collier’s Magazine (November 10, 1917)
Cosmopolitan Magazine (November) Saturday Evening Post (February 28, 1935) George Washington Engraving Collier’s Weekly (June 30, 1900)
American Legion Monthly (April 1927) Red Cross Magazine (January 1918) Collier’s Magazine  (August 19, 1916) I Want You for the US Army
Lest We Perish WW1 Americans Will Always Fight Join the Army Air Service WW2 To Make the World a Decent Place to Live