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American Airlines, Washington DC Heads of Law Save the Products of the Land USA Bonds Weapons for Liberty
They Kept the Sea Lanes Open Our Friend FDR Stemt Rood Doing My Bit Four Years
Trotzki Myn Leven Faust Food Will Win, Yiddish Loose Lips Might Sink Ships
On the Job for Victory Ronnnie Reagan is my Choice in ‘68 Girls Say Yes to Boy Who Say No Bull’s Eye Only Hits Win
NOW Venereal Diseases Leslie’s Magazine (March 8, 1919) Saturday Evening Post  (July 7, 1934) Vanity Fair (July 4, 1933)
Judge Magazine (June 8, 1918) Leslie’s Magazine (February 15, 1917) Leslie’s Magazine (August 7, 1920) Collier's Magazine (March 11, 1933)
Leslie’s Magazine (May 24, 1917) Leslie’s Weekly (December 6, 1906) Saturday Evening Post (May 29,1943) Life Magazine (June 16, 1910)
Harper’s Weekly  US Capitol scenes Saturday Evening Post (February 28, 1935) Harper’s Weekly Thomas Jefferson Monticello Frederick Douglas on Harper’s Weekly (November 24, 1883)
Napoleon Portrait Vignettes Ronald Reagan Chesterfield Cigarettes Advertisement Judge Magazine (1900) Time Magazine RFK
George Washington Engraving Collier’s Magazine (August 31, 1901) Saturday Evening Post (February 20, 1904) Saturday Evening Post (March 4, 1905)
Ladie’s Home Journal (September 1910) Washington, from The President’s House Saturday Evening Post (April 18, 1942) American Printer (March 1928)
View of the Capitol At Washington, DC Washington Monument Engraving Leslie’s Magazine (June 8, 1916) Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly
Collier’s Weekly (June 30, 1900) Ad Brochure Washington DC Fly Over Washington L’Illustration Magazine (June 1939) Leslie’s Birdseye View of US Capitol Washington DC
American Legion Monthly (April 1927) Puck Magazine Political cartoon Collier’s Magazine (June 10, 1915) I Want You for the US Army
International Woman Suffrage Congress We Can Do It! The World According to Ronald Reagan (Blue) The World According to Ronald Reagan (Brown)