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Vintage Poster Art

The poster has been popular for as long as they have been produced in quantity and particularly since they started to appear in color. Jules Cheret is considered the father of the color lithograph and his work appeared as early as 1880.  We enjoyed the art quality of the stone lithograph into the 1940's when the photo offset print became the norm because of its low cost.  Where smaller runs of a poster were needed one often saw use of silkscreen or metal plate lithography.  The higher quality is readily distinguishable.

It is not hard to understand the appeal of the poster.  The design is concise, bold, uncluttered and usually with vibrant striking colors.  The text is eye catching in style and layout.  If the design is successful the viewer never tires of seeing it and the product has a better chance of finding a customer.  The best artists could make a can of Brasso look like fun.